Successful completion of a midwifery education program recognized by the SCM

All programs recognized by the SCM are direct-entry university education programs in Canada leading to a baccalaureate level degree in midwifery.  All programs offer clinical experience working in a model of practice that is similar to the model in Saskatchewan.

The following Canadian midwifery education programs are recognized by the SCM:

  1. University of British Columbia – Midwifery Undergraduate Education Program
  2. Toronto Metropolitan University, Ontario – Bachelor of Health Sciences (Midwifery)
  3. McMaster University, Ontario – Bachelor of Health Sciences (Midwifery)
  4. Université du Québec à Trois Riviéres, Trois Riviéres, Quebec
  5. Mount Royal University – Bachelor of Midwifery

Applicants who obtain membership and licensure through this option may be granted Full Practising Membership and Licensure, permitting practice in the full scope of midwifery care in Saskatchewan or Restricted Membership and Licensure, allowing an individual to practice as a midwife under the supervision of an experienced full practising member.

Please contact the Registrar for further information on membership and licensure at 306.781.1356 or or learn more about our application process here.