Full practising Membership and Licensure

Full Practising membership and licensure entitles that member to perform the authorized practices comprising the clinical practice of midwifery.


Full Practising membership and licensure is available to a person who:

  • has successfully completed a recognized midwifery program
  • has successfully completed an approved assessment process
  • is licensed to practice midwifery in another Canadian province or territory, is in good standing and holds the equivalent of an unrestricted license in Saskatchewan

Application process


NOTE: The authority to review and approve/deny applications for Full Practising Membership and Licensure with the Saskatchewan College of Midwives is delegated to the Registrar by the Council, as provided for in Section 21(1) of The Midwifery Act.

An applicant may request Council to review a decision of the Registrar by sending a written notice outlining the grounds on which the review is requested within 30 days after the Registrar’s decision. The Council can revise or confirm the Registrar’s decision and the applicant is entitled to make personal representations to Council if they wish. Decisions of the Council are final and binding and there is no appeal from them.