Continuity of Care

  • Section: Professional Practice

    Subject: Continuity of Care

    Distribution: All Employees & Members

    Section Number: IV

  • Issued: August 2008

    Revised: February 2015, September 2019

    Approved: Transitional Council, August 2008, November 2019


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Continuity of care is fundamental to the Saskatchewan midwifery model of practice.


Continuity of care is defined as “care that is coordinated by a midwife, when one midwife, or a team of midwives (no more than 5 midwives) that may include student(s) of midwifery, has seen a client throughout pregnancy, labour and birth and the postpartum period. In circumstances where shared/collaborative care and/or transfer of care occurs, continuity of care is maintained as long as the midwife remains as a member of the caregiver team.

It is important that the client be involved in the discussion of how continuity of care will be provided. Whenever possible, the practice group will support flexible arrangements between a midwife and the client.

Continuity of midwifery care provides a sense of collaboration and is a means to support excellent outcomes, meaningful relationships, informed choice, choice of birth place and normal birth.

Continuity of midwifery care is maintained when a client is referred from one midwifery practice to another when relocating for any reason during the prenatal, intrapartum or postpartum periods.