Clinical Practice Guidance

  • Section: Professional Practice

    Subject: Clinical Practice Guidance

    Distribution: All Employees & Members

    Section Number: IV

  • Issued: September 2010

    Revised: February 2018

    Approved: Transitional Council September 2010, April 2019


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It is the expectation that the Saskatchewan midwife has a professional obligation to adhere to the authorized practices of midwifery according to contemporary best practice evidence for the profession.


Saskatchewan midwives practice according to evidence-based best practice guidelines for the profession of midwifery as indicated in documents and determined by organizations such as, but not limited to:

  • Code of Ethics for Midwives in Saskatchewan
  • Model of Practice
  • The Midwifery Act – Saskatchewan
  • The Midwifery Regulations – Saskatchewan
  • Approved Policy of the Saskatchewan College of Midwives ▪ Canadian Association of Midwives
  • Canadian Competencies for Midwives
  • Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada (SOGC) ▪ Canadian Paediatric Society
  • MoreOB
  • Saskatchewan Prevention Institute
  • Public Health Agency of Canada
  • Saskatchewan Health Authority/Hospitals Standards/Policy
  • Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada – Calls to Action