Annual Licensure Renewal

  • Section: Operational

    Subject: Annual Licensure Renewal

    Distribution: Members

    Section Number: III

  • Issued: September 2010

    Revised: September 2018, May 2023

    Approved: Executive Director/Registrar, September 2010, September 2018, May 2023


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  1. Annual registered midwife licence renewal forms shall be sent to members on or before October 15 of each year via email or regular first class mail.
  2. The completed annual registered midwife licence renewal application form, accompanied by the fee payment, proof of NRP and CPR certification, proof of current obstetrical emergency skills, and liability insurance coverage, as outlined in SCM Administrative Policy, must be received in the SCM offices no later than December 1 of each year.
  3. Licences and registration certificates shall be sent to members via regular first class mail.